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Acting Like You’re Better Than Your Ex’s New Bae Won’t Validate Your Breakup

If your ex is dating someone else, whoever the hell she is, its going to suck ass.

Its just one of those things that happen in life that they are able to always induce you feel like shit( even if you broke up on good terms ).

And it doesnt matter how strong and resilient you think you are. Knowing your ex-boyfriend is dating someone else, chuckling with someone else, referring tothe two of them as a we and fucking someone elsewill always unleash these darknes, somewhat jealous demons inside of you.

Its just how it goes.

You can keep pretending youre penalty, youre over it, youve maybe even moved on with somebody else which just proves how much you dont care anymore. But it will never matter.

You will suppose , Who is this girl ? And thats when “youre feeling” entirely ambushed by emotions, start feeling various kinds of crazy, start stalking the both of them all over social media and started to overanalyze utterly everything that ever happened in your relationship.

You start to psyche yourself out by trying to make sense of it. What is he thinking? What does she have that I dont? What does he like about her? Who is this bitch ?

And thats when “youre just trying to” dissect their entire relationship, scouring foranything that will construct you feel better about them dating.

You think of every scenario, trying to figure her out. You wonder if she seems better than you. You wonder if she seems less than you.

But either way, what change does it attain? Hes NOT with you. Hes with HER. And theres nothing about that fact that will ever feel good , no matter what kind of girl she is.

But lets just say youve characterized this girlinto being someone who could never in a million years compare to you. Shouldnt that attain you feel better? Shouldnt it construct you feel like youve won, realizing your ex is now slumming it with someone who lookings wholly rambunctious and annoying, or even really boring and super basic?

When comparing yourself to that, “were not receiving” comparison. So, why should it bother you at all that hes resolving for someone like that?

Shouldnt it induce you are trying to giggle, shake your head and say something sassy, even induce you pity him a little bit for thinking that this daughter of all girls is someone he finds attractive?

And yet, it doesnt stimulate you feel any of those things. It builds you feel like everything is complicated. It attains you feel stubborn. It brings back all those stupid fights you provoked the fights hes definitely not having with this new girl because shes so not like that.

Shes easygoing and simple, and she doesnt need to micromanage anything. And then, you feel like shit all over again.

On the flip side, you imagine your ex is dating person better than you.

She doesnt seem like someone you want to make fun of right off the bat. Shes actually fairly. She looks like someone who has important things to say.

Shes successful, has an endearing personality, good-on-paper qualities and shes happy with every aspect of her life. And thats when it reveals every insecurity youve ever had.

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Because now your ex doesnt have to deal with someone who isnt happy with their undertaking, who isnt discouraged with life and who isnt beset with this never-ending sense of wanderlust like some riling college girl.

Hes now in a solid relationship with someone who can really challenge him, better him and not break him down with all these big life questions you could never seem to answer for yourself.

Either way, whoever this girl is, whether better or worse or somewhere in between, investigating your exs new lovewill never construct you feel better.

It wont validate your breakup. It wont build you feel alleviated hes no longer yours. It wont attain “youre feeling” indifferent.

It will , no matter what, stimulate you feel entirely nasty. You should have been the love of their own lives. He should have realized that in comparison to anyone else, “were not receiving” comparison to you.

And when thats not the case, when he has , in fact, moved on to another love, it stings like hell.

And it induces “youre feeling” things you swear youd never feel because you never wanted to be that girl thegirl who felt like she wasnt enough, who induced herself wish she was somehow different, who for one second compared herself to anyone else.

But theres nothing you can do about it. If you keep rummaging through the idea of it all through the idea of your ex with his new daughters and how happy they are you will only hurt yourself more.

The situation sucks. It will forever suck. But you have to learn to just let them be.

Hell never have with her what he had with you , no matter what you imagine her to be like.

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