Apple will debut a Nike-branded Apple Watch next Friday in a bid to highlight the devices fitness creds.

Apple is largely making a manner and branding statement with Apple Watch Nike+ via a special band and color scheme. The core features of the special version of the watch share the same as other Series 2 models, including a built-in GPS to track your pace, distance, and route.

But independent GPS tracking is a critical fitness upgrade for a product co-branded with Nike, because it gives you the option to untether your iPhone when exercising. That is not possible on the first-gen watch, which needs the iPhones GPS.

Apple also needs to do this to match the rivalry. Fitbit, the wearables market leader, offers the Fitbit Surge with built-in GPS at a price considerably lower than the Apple Watch Series 2. Though the Surge is not a full-featured watch like Apples, it starts at $250, compared to the Nike version of the Apple Watch 2 that has a starting price of $369.

Basic wearables, like most of FitBits offerings, are still a clear value proposition for end-users, Ramon Llamas, an analyst at IDC, said in a statement when the company announced second-quarter global wearable shipment tallies last month.