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First Lady FTW: Thousands Of Children Who Participated In Michelle Obamas Fitness Initiatives Are Now Uncontrollably Strong

Anyone who thinks the role of First lady is purely ceremonial need appear no further than the wide-reaching accomplishments of Michelle Obama. She decided to do something about the childhood obesity epidemic with her Lets Move fitness campaign, and six years later, its unquestionably a huge success. Her program has been so effective in getting kids into shape that its thousands of participants are all now uncontrollably strong.

Nice work, Michelle. You go, daughter!

Its astonishing how the program has transformed them, said Lets Move instructor Kerry Owen. When kids first began entering into the program back in 2010, they couldnt climb a flight of stairs without getting winded. Now we cant even contain them any more , no matter how hard “were trying to”. Theyre so fast its impossible to catch them, and theyre able to toss grown-up men around like cloth dolls.

Wow. What an inspiration this is for all kids to stimulate positive changes in “peoples lives”!

The program has been shown to reduce kids heart rates, lower their body fat, and allow them to rend handcuffs clean in half, even while wearing them. Thanks to Michelles efforts, kids who once expended all day on the couch playing video games could now easily bust through a well-fortified police barricade with ease.

Lets Move is also getting kids to improve their diets by saying goodbye to hamburgers and soda and eating nothing but pound after pound of lean protein a day. You would never have guessed that an 11 -year-old who is fit enough to jump up and pull a U.S. Marine Sea Cobra attack helicopter out of the sky today was a 5-year-old demonstrating prediabetic symptoms only a few years ago.

No matter how you feel about her husbands policies, theres no question that Michelle Obamas Lets Move campaign is making more and more kids by the day unstoppably strong to the point that if they ever decided to coordinate with one another they would truly become an astonishing force-out to be reckoned with. Well done, Michelle, and congrats to these kids for getting into such uncontrollably great shape!

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