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Kim Kardashian West’s Insane Workout Routine Will Seriously Blow Your Intellect

Now, I may not be the best magistrate of what constitutes a good workout or a bad workout seeing as I am currently in a state of flab. HOWEVER, just because I can’t run 10 miles or squat 500 pounds does not mean I can’t recognize a difficult workout when I ensure one.

And I’ve just seen what seems to me to be a pretty difficult workout on Kim Kardashian West’s Snapchat.

DAMN! Let’s insure what we have here: a 4-mile operate, planks, pushups, some ab run and 1,000 leap ropes. Actually, that voices altogether doab — 1,000 JUMP ROPES !?

I can’t even count to 1,000, let alone jump that many times in a row.

It would appear Kim Kardashian is taking her post-baby life, diet and exercisevery seriously. In addition to posting paintings detailing her strenuous workouts, Kim’s also regularly posted weight-loss updates as she seeks to attain herweight before she dedicated birth to son Saint West: 135 pounds.

That Snapchat photo was from late April. By the time shereached late May, Kim incredibly passed her first weight-loss aim and set a new one: her weight from a few years before she even dedicated birth to daughter North West.

120 pounds !? 120 POUNDS !? That’s quite a aim, Kim.

Well, at least we know Kim has the right workout to get there. Go for it Kim!

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