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Researchers Proved Meat Can Make You Gain Merely As Much Weight As Sugar

Let’s talk about moderation, shall we?

When it comes to nutrition, too much of anything you put in your mouth could hurt you. We already know this applies to sugar, but did you know the same moderation principleapplies tomeat?

After looking into what causes obesity in 170 countries, researchers detected the two major perpetrators are sugar( which you could have guessed) and the fat and protein found in meat.

Yep, meat and sugar intake are equally guilty in contributing to obesity all over the world , no matter the differences in the regions’ calorie intake and high levels of exercise.

And it’s not just the fat that’s causing the problem. The protein is a challenge, too.

We already knowgood fats arefats that actually help you with weight loss( looking at you peanut butter, olive oil and avocados ). But fat from meat is not a good fat.

And apparently, the protein in meat( you know, the portion that’s supposed to begood for you) can be just as bad as the fat.

You insure, your body processes meat protein later than carbs and fats, leaving you with a lot of extra nutrients.

If you don’t exercise, the proteins in meat can’t do their job, which is to mend muscle. And ifthe protein has no muscle to repair, the proteingets stored as fat.

Professor Maciej Henneberg, one of the authors of the study conducted at the University of Adelaide, explains where such a situation can begin to improve.

He says,

In the modern world in which we live, in order to curb obesity it may make sense for dietary guidelines to advise eating less meat, as well as eating less sugar.

Some research has proved the fat in meat is actually worse for you than sugar. That’s pretty crazy, since we’ve always been toldsugar is just the worst.

Researchers at Glasgow University also evaluated 132,000 people in the UK and found that obese adults insure the most weight gain from eating more fat , not justsugar. The study also showed sugar attains up a smaller portion of the diet for many overweight people than it does for healthier individuals.

Don’t cry just yet, though. Some meat is leaner than others and is still OK to eat( in moderation, of course ).

Turkey, chicken and fish are considered lean meat with low-fat content, so go ahead and feed a healthy quantity of those.

But, it’s a different story for beef burgers, ribs, steak and the like.

Sorry, summertime barbecues, but you just got a lot less mouthwatering.

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