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This Mattress Knows if Youre Cheating

A Spanish company has created the’ Smarttress ,’ with a’ Lover Detection System’ containing concealed ultrasonic sensors built into its springtimes that see when your bed is being used for athletic when you’re not home.”>

For all the ways that technology has enabled infidelity, from sexting to the adultery website Ashley Madison, partner-monitoring innovations may be catching up.

There are webcams that sync to your smartphone, spying apps that remotely track your significant others social media activity, and, most recently, a mattress that alerts you when someone is having vigorous, acrobatic sex in your bed.

The Durmet Smarttress boasts a so-called Lover Detection System with concealed ultrasonic sensors built into its springtimes that see when your bed is being used for athletic when youre not home.

If its getting a workout, youll receive an alerting on your smartphone, where you can monitor duration, intensity, and impact per minute as long as you have a 4G connection.

The brainchild of Durmet, a small mattress company in northern Spain, Smartress officially launched last week with a video marketing campaign warning of a global infidelity crisis.

We see couples calling at each other in dark corners; sweaty devotees in various states of undress; an involvement ring thrown carelessly on the floor. Doomsday music builds to a climax as the camera pans from shaking bedposts to the perpetrators beneath a duvet, then cuts to a cell phone beeping menacingly.

Its a brilliant parody of a PSA, though theres apparently a serious demand for this kind of technology.

Durmet was struggling to find a niche market for innovative products when they landed on a study from Ashley Madison, the cheating website, that find Spain was the most unfaithful country in Europe.

This technology has been present in mattresses for a couple of years already, Damian Lucas, project coordinator for the Smarttress ad campaign, told The Daily Beast, referring to the matrix of 24 sensors in the mattress and an algorithm system that sees suspicious activity.

Durmet collaborated with Grey Advertising to fuse the innovation with the concept, Lucas said, so that men and women can relax at night and be reassured during the day.

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